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Character Reel with Visualization
2023 Character Reel
2024 Booth Test

My most recent reel and booth test are above and my acting credits are below! Feel free to peruse at your leisure, if you scroll low enough, you may even find some older reels to chuckle at.

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Acting Credits

Spark of JusticeKhinoStage PlayOBP Musical2024
Passing LoveArnette/Large/LouisTable ReadEssence Film Festival2024
The O.R.G.anizationNarratorTable ReadEssence Film Festival2024
Green Mortgage ProgramVoiceoverCommercialFinance New Orleans2024
Welcome ReNew MotonVoiceoverCommercialReNew Schools2024
Off the Beaten PathKhulgarOnline PlayOBP Musical2024
The Walten FilesChris EasterdayAudio DramaWindy Bro2024 –
Lil Mike’s Bachelor PartyBig MikeSocial Media Sketch Bigfoot Creative Studios & Media Group 2024
Off the Beaten PathTitan-Ka/ Elven Guard/ Khazz/ Lan/ ManOnline PlayOBP Musical2024
Catfish!Brandon/Mr. FerrariSocial Media Sketch Bigfoot Creative Studios & Media Group 2024
Journey to WondertownNarratorAudiobookDreamhome Press2024
SoA: Spark of Justice (Ra’ov)Ra’ovOnline PlayOBP Musical2024
MOA: RecruitmentCloaked Figure        Online PlayOBP Musical2024
B-Op RadioAndreas “Operator” Hernandez                            Internet RadioSharpened Edge Entertainment2024
The Man Named Hell                       ButchWebfilmBrandon Sum2024
LaikaAlando VeracruzWebseriesLionix Visions2024
Morningstar                      Grimzley/Saint MichaelAnimated SeriesMorningstar Studios2024
Stories of Arlyrus 6.5: Venture’s VestrumCaptain ÁmadeOnline PlayOBP Musical2024
How Do Dragons Say Hello?Narrator.                    AudiobookDreamhome Press2023
Deception PrinceWebseriesDope Productions2023
OBP: What If…?KhulgarOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
SOA 10: Tas and Lan… Not a Love StoryHazidOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
The Isle: SandboxAndreas “Operator” Hernandez                    WebseriesSharpened Edge Entertainment2023
FO: NV: Some Guy 2000Judge RichterVideo Game ModSome Guy2023
OBP: Roll the DiceEnpea Sea/Gareth/ Harold/Stuart/Blacksmith                      Online PlayOBP Musical2023
Chronicles of D’ar: Death Knell NighCaptain Delphian SmoakOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
Professor StreetNarrator YouTube ChannelJTibbsTV2023
Off the Beaten PathKhulgarOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
SOA 9: Tools of the GodsKhalimOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
DreamgirlsAnnouncer/Tiny Joe Dixon/DwightStage PlaySlidell Little Theater2023
Lady Vanity RouxVoice DropsDJ MixesLady Vanity Roux2023
Daver the DaveConcerned FriendMusic SkitDave the Dave2023
The Space Between        Lawyer Short FilmMagnolia A. Productions2023
Stories of Arlyrus 2.5: Farnam’s PackageSchmozOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
Skyrim: Vorer’s MeadowTuff’Gro ShunnavabischVideo Game ModDante Fettman2023
Isle: Prelude                       The General/Andreas HernandezWebseriesSharpened Edge Entertainment2023
SoA: Spark of JusticeRa’ovOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
MoA: The DuelBrigandOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
OBP: Critical HitGreymarkOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
MoA: The StylingBifan’thiaOnline PlayOBP Musical2023
Off the Beaten PathTitan-Ka/ Elven Guard/ Khazz/ Lan/ Man Online PlayOBP Musical2023
Stories of Arlyrus 5Bifan’thiaOnline PlayOBP Musical2022
The FallenBully Boy 1Online PlayOBP Musical2022
Medic: Pacific War           Sgt. Hawkins/Pvt. Gray/Cpl. TaylorVideo GameHypnotic Ants2022
RenamingVoiceoverCommercialThe Willow School2022
July 4th WeekendVoiceoverCommercialMaroon!2022
Louisiana Democratic PartyVoiceover CommercialLouisiana Democratic Party2022
Father’s ThingsNarratorAudiobookDreamhome Press2021
The Telltale Heart             Guest Narrator           PodcastThe Unmastered/Creepsville2019
Tillmac’s Happy HourCo-Host                        Radio ShowCrescent City Radio2016-2017
Tillmac’s CornerCo-HostRadio ShowCrescent City Radio2015-2017
Escape From UndermindNarratorAudiobookDreamhome Press2016
The Hip-Hop NerdHostRadio Show/ PodcastKCLAFM2015-2021
Little Bot and the FixerNarratorAudiobookDreamhome Press2014
Little Bot and the Story BoxNarratorAudiobookDreamhome Press2012
My Acting Credits

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2021 Reel With Visualization
2021 Voice Reel
2021 Character Reel
2021 Studio Test

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  1. I love it very talented, you are. you give life to narration. Not sure why I do not see a space between every word I am typing. Hopefully it looks better. Much Love JT??