Untamable Chaos

I have a very strong desire for preparedness. I am virtually obsessed with due diligence and walking into a situation with victory already in hand and multiple contingency plans. This can make me seem a bit obsessive at times, but it’s true. It’s probably also the reason I am such a massive Batman fan. I just need to be ready for any and everything. Life is so unpredictable that I try my best to bring order to the chaos that is my life. Yet, for all my preparation, I still fail miserably.

Because of this brutal fact, I still haven’t moved to California. All types of crazy things have happened. Most of which I have detailed in my previous post. I am now fighting the unpredictability and working to continue my progress. I will not surrender. As long as there is breath in my lungs and blood in my heart, I will continue to seek my goals. I will establish personal order.

In this growing chaos however, new opportunities have arisen. I still haven’t been able to recover a lot of my work, seeing as how this has slowed me down in terms of writing, I have been looking into other endeavors. I have toyed with animation (Hit the Quan Stick Figure) which I think I’ll work on more, and I have applied to a couple of jobs I’m interested in (more on those in future posts).

I can’t speak too much on those things at the moment, but know that I am working for your entertainment. Since it’s the biggest project I was working on when my hard drive broke, I am completely starting over on the novelette I promised. I am determined to get it to you. Take a look at the cover art below and know that it is coming soon. As usual, thank you for your continued love and support.