The Lackadaisical Lions

What happens to the lion that is never hungry? Not to say that he is unable to hunt or even that he is satisfied, but simply not hungry. Does he lose his status as king of the jungle because the other animals aren’t afraid of him? Surely, he is still the most dangerous creature in his environment, but why fear him if he feels no inspiration to attack? What then, would be his desire? Does this unambitious creature simply bask in the son while all potential prey give him a wide berth to avoid his success? If one wanders too close and he gets a small taste, will that reawaken his ferocity?

What about the lion that is unable to catch prey? He has all of the tools and the knowledge required to perform his task, yet other lions snatch his opportunity or poor luck constantly intervenes. He eats scraps, because that is all that is available to him and he changes internally. Every instinct and fearful look in his direction tells him he is the king and all are below him on the food chain, but his failure constantly tells him otherwise. Both nature and nurture encourage him, but fate and fortune mock everything he knows he should believe about himself.

How can either of these lions push forward with no help? What can shake them from their lethargy and make them the great hunters and successful kings of their territories? Where is the motivation? As a man who almost always works alone and has very rarely had to do otherwise, I believe the answer is help. These beasts, these champions of nature need the help of those willing to lift them up and remind them of that which they are destined to be!

There is an old phrase, “No man is an island,” and I have always believed this to be false. My response has always been: “That’s true, I am not an island. I am a mountain.” As I sit here now, pondering my great many failures and few successes, I can see that mountains are often surrounded by other mountains. I am just one of many majestic sentries that draw borders and hold up the sky. I need help. I must acknowledge those around me to move forward. I am tired, I need help.


One Reply to “The Lackadaisical Lions”

  1. My 1st thought is to remind you that there will always be more so called “failures” than successes. After all, every thing we’ve ever tried from walking, to writing, to starting a business, to anything you can thinkof… are all learning processes, and all living things stumble before they learn to move with confidence. The more steps involved, the more challenging the learning phase will be.

    And 2nd, every mountain is seeking that same help. The key is to find out how to be mutually beneficial in our efforts to grow and expand and lift up that sky.