The Hip-Hop Nerd 04/28/2016: Beautiful L!


This week I have a sit-down with up and coming hip-hop artist Beautiful L. She is really something special and her work is fantastic. Take a listen and hear how spectacular she is!

Born and bred in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lyeza ‘Beautiful L’ Wicker was destined for music stardom. Rapping and writing songs since age 7, Beautiful L is a force to be reckoned with on the mic and a breath of fresh air for music. Her aspirations are to be a songwriter for all types of artists, from RnB Soul to Pop/Rock. Her inspiration comes not only from her hometown, but from her children. Beautiful L is the proud mother of 8 year old twins, Jordyn and Chris Jr. Her first project is dedicated to her life as a mom. The awkward kid from NOLA shows off her multiple talents on her debut project The Plain Jane Project. Beautiful L is aspiring to be the voice of women everywhere that work and take care of families, but may have lost themselves along the way. She represents the awkward girl in school that was still comfortable as she is. The Plain Jane Project is here to give you what music has been missing: great music from the underrated Female MC from the perspective of a working mother, and a more in-depth look into the mind, heart, and soul of the woman that is Beautiful L…and she makes it look flawless along the way.

“I’m gunnin for the top/my prowess is irrefutable/the last name is L/and the first name is Beautiful” – Beautiful L.


“You Be Killin’ Em” by Fabolous
“Winner” by Jamie Foxx featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I.
“Who Got Next” by Beautiful L
“Shake” by Beautiful L
“Freestyle” by Beautiful L
“Sober” by Childish Gambino