The Hip-Hop Nerd 03/17/2016: Pop Culture Professor!


This week, as promised, I had a sit down with Dr. Rebecca Housel, the Pop Culture Professor! We get into the motions and we talk and talk and talk about Kanye West to politics to comics to movies to television. I haven’t geeked out like this in quite sometime so there’s a reason this is our longest episode so far!


Dr. Rebecca Housel, The #PopCultureProfessor™, is the Founder and CEO of #SoulArrow Entertainment, LLC, author and editor of international best-selling books on pop culture sold in 10 languages and 40 countries, and is best-known for her sexy live interviews with over 200 Hollywood icons. Housel was on tour for three years with LA-based company, Wizard World, opening comic cons across America with her show on the Whedonverse as well as 12,000 years of supernatural history connected to 21st century pop culture. She has been quoted by print magazines and newspapers around the world, including Esquire, the LA Times, USA Today, Marie Claire, and more. Today, Housel’s clients include favorites from Syfy’s paranormal world; she is kicking off a promotional tour this spring through #SoulArrow’s #EMMA™ #IconTour division. To learn more or pre-purchase tickets, please visit The Doc’s popular blog has over 850,000 readers from 40 countries. Check it out at

“Oh No” by Mos Def featuring Pharaoh Monch and Nate Dogg
“Got Work” by Reflection Eternal
“Runnin'” by The Pharcyde
“Blur My Hands” by Lupe Fiasco featuring Guy Sebastian
“Earth: The Oldest Computer” by Childish Gambino
“Spaceship” by Kanye West
“Till the End” by Logic