The Hip-Hop Nerd 01/14/2016: Bangers!


This week I play all of the club bangers I promised! Turn your volume all the way up and get ready to vibe out! Also we are now on iTunes! Look for us and subscribe today! (Sorry for the low vocal audio. I don’t know what went wrong there, but the music still bangs!)


In other news: we have had to part ways from the radio station KCLAFM. It was fun while it lasted and we learned a lot, but that time has passed. Now we will be exclusively here and on iTunes, so there will be no live shows, even though we still encourage interaction with @jtgloryjones via twitter and other social media. Also, we had to get rid of the Parental Advisory Mix, because it interfered with the iTunes feed. Fortunately, since we are no longer on the radio, EVERYTHING will be uncut now. All that being said: we have some pretty big things on the horizon and we look forward to your continued support! Be good to each other!

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