The Depths of Debts

I’m finding that something I’ve been doing far too often on this blog is apologizing to those of you who are following me and actually enjoying my content. If you look forward to my works and are curious about my life experiences, I owe you yet another apology. There are those of you who have been consistently following my moves and career and showing me support that I have not always deserved. Due to many issues of self doubt and the financial difficulty, I have let you and myself down on multiple occasions. I should be farther than I am by now.

I know I can work harder, I know I can work smarter, I know I can avoid and ignore the nonessential distractions of day to day life and deliver far more than I have. For this, I owe you both an apology and the most sincere thanks I can possibly manage. I have been procrastinating and squandering my ability for want of faster solutions to my problems and shortcuts to my goals. Your support and patience have been noticed, appreciated and needed for me to push forward. The love I have received from people I have never physically met has been astonishing and humbling. This is what has brought me to be able to show humility in these posts and open up about things that are far more personal than things I might have disclosed before the wisdom of trusting those who trust me.

I can say with full love and confidence that your faith in me has not been misplaced. Though I have admittedly not been working as hard as I should for various reason, I have been making moves toward building and showing you that I deserve your love. Expectations and belief in me are high and I will not see any of you disappointed. While I have been largely neglecting this website, I have been pushing forward in other areas. I have been writing and working on several projects:

  1. The “Little Bot and the Story Box” audio read-along is available on and “Little Bot and the Fixer” will be quick to follow. I am also currently looking for a new illustrator to continue the series so let me know if you know someone you think would be good.
  2. I have made several appearances at a few conventions to spread the word about our community and make wonderful connections with great people to help push us forward. I have also done a few interviews and a couple of podcast appearances for the same reason.
  3. I am releasing new episodes of my podcast “The Hip-Hop Nerd” starting this week, as well as a new bi-weekly series called “Question Authority” where I deconstruct traditions and societal norms by asking simple questions. I am also contributing to the bi-weekly horror podcast known as “Creepsville” and collaborating on a couple of others I can’t talk about just yet.
  4. I have begun writing for “Pure Fandom” and I am getting back into working on “Geekhaven Reviews” for fun hobby style writing that expresses my opinions about goings on in the media. I have also begun expanding my presence in the online book community like on Amazon, Smashwords, WattpadGoodreads and Facebook.
  5. I have made a lot of changes to this very website to keep everyone better updated like the photo gallery, the links page, a more precise navigation bar and a Store where you can now find fun merchandise like T-Shirts, Signed Books, digital content and a lot more to come.
  6. “Escape from Undermind” will soon be released into audiobook form, with a free companion short story exclusive to this site and it’s sequel “Journey to Wondertown” to come shortly after. I am also currently working toward the release of the new “Wilden Siblings” novella.
  7. “Sketch Shooter” (I had to change the name for legal reasons) is nearly finished and another project is coming up fast on it’s heels! Nightmare Games is growing!
  8. I have been building “The Council of Jon” (something only I call it) a team of people who believe in me to help push me forward, keep me motivated and discuss ideas with me. I won’t say any names, but they are all extremely helpful. There are still a couple of slots left to fill, but this is something I never realized I needed so much!
  9. There are a lot more writing, audio and projects on the way with a ton of collaboration! I can’t speak on a lot of it at the moment, but I think you guys are going to love seeing it all as much as I’m loving making it!

I hope you all can forgive my infrequent blog posts, but I’m working toward remedying that oversight that was meant to keep me engaged with you.  I am working hard to work harder and give you as much of me as possible. Due to the wonderful gift of fatherhood and my efforts to pick up the slack in my work, I’m also going to have to recant my previously promised quarterly release schedule. I don’t want to rush anymore. You all deserve the best of me, which requires time and care in the crafting of these projects. I’m very excited and very motivated right now! I owe you this and I love you for sticking with me. I will fulfill my debt to you at all cost, no matter how long it takes!