The Best News Possible

As I’m sure you guys can see, I have been neglecting this blog far more than I should and for that, I apologize. There are three things that have kept me from posting weekly as promised. Hopefully, you will forgive me once you see them:

Reason One: A few months ago, I had become quite frantic. With things going the way they were going (more on that in reason 3), I felt pressured to do a lot of other things in my life as well as intensify my work itself. I even took a day job to supplement my income. That job, though fulfilling and brimming with pleasant coworkers, it was very high stress and unlike anything I’ve ever done. To put it simply, it wasn’t me. Due to the constant stress and concern with what was going on there and in my personal life, my health began to decline. I am a brooder by nature and I tend to dwell on things I should let go of which makes things worse, so this job was definitely not for me. I will not get into too many details of what happened with my health, but I assure you, it wasn’t pretty and I was forced to let the job go for fear of things getting worse. It took a bit for me to bounce back, but I am here and I am doing much better without it.

Reason Two: I have been doing everything in my power to fulfill the promise of my last post and deliver a novel every quarter with smaller releases in between. I started in July with the rerelease of “Escape From Undermind” and I managed to continue into June with “Father’s Things,” the first installment of a novella series. Everyone who is on my email list (PLEASE JOIN) already knows this month I will be releasing the “Little Bot and the Story Box” read-along. I fully intend on continuing this rapid fire release slate and I am even looking into a few other projects I can bring to you. I am also making my way forward on joining the guest lists of several conventions and events so I can sign and run my mouth about books! Starting with NOLA StoryCon and moving forward to as many more as I can manage. I am pushing forward and I hope you all continue to support me.

Reason Three: I have truly saved the best for last. This news has largely been among family and friends, but it’s time to give it to everyone! In this month of September 2017, I will become a father! I have a daughter on the way and she is just about ready to pop out into the world and show me why I’ve been working so hard. I have done so much in preparation and even slowed down a lot of my work in anticipation of her arrival. I can’t even express how much this excites me. I have never been certain as to whether I want to be a father or not, but learning of her existence in those first moments taught me I definitely do. This child is of me and will carry me into the future even more than my work will. Better yet, she will move forward and grow and become a completely unique individual with her own aspirations, be they great or small. No matter what happens, her choice will be the perfect one. She has truly taught me what love, excitement, happiness and anticipation are and she’s not even here yet! I know I will truly be taken when I hold her in my arms for the first time! My vision is blurring with tears of joy even now when I think of it. I’m counting the days! I’m more than ready!

I’m glad to be back and like I said, I am making an effort towards improving everything and fulfilling my promises. I’m ready to feel and be better, I’m ready to fulfill my promises (including blogging weekly) and I’m ready for the arrival of the star that will brighten my sky.