Purity of Focus

This has been an interesting year. I’ve learned and experienced so much in terms of being a father and professional. Everything I do has become so much more rewarding. All of the things I’ve done and learned as far as parenthood are too numerous to even get into right now, but it has definitely been one hell of a journey.

Professionally, things have been just as rich. I have met quite a few interesting professionals, many of whom have provided me with opportunities to further my goals. The shining beacon of this past year was being invited to be a panelist at San Diego Comic Con. Simply attending would’ve been a dream come true, but I was among amazing people and in front of an amazing crowd, feeling the purest sense of satisfaction.

I’ve spent a lot of time just letting the journey take me, but I’m getting back into the swing of taking control. I’ve decided to take a break from trying to make frequent releases in order to catch up on my back-log of projects. I have a new children’s book release later this month I will make a separate post about and a choose your own adventure story I’ve already posted, but I want to post a lot more next year.

Hopefully I can continue on this upward climb of parenting and networking, as I prepare for many more releases in the near future. I didn’t have a lot to say on this post, but I would like to start being more consistent on this blog again. Thank you all for continuing to follow my progress and I hope I can create and release more projects in the near future to earn your support, love and enjoyment.

My cub and I on the carousel at the zoo.