Perspiring the Paltry

Firstly, I just have to say I love making names for my blog posts. Yes, sometimes they can be a bit pretentious, but it’s one of my favorite things to do whenever I write these. It’s small, but that’s the point of this post: Sweat the Small Stuff. People will often tell you not to sweat the small stuff, but there’s also the other saying: The Devil is in the Details, which I have found to be unfailingly true. Lately, I’ve been so stuck on the big picture that I’ve been missing out on a lot of things that are important to both my success and my happiness.

I’ll even credit this newfound habit of oversight for my ill-conceived move to California. It was what I’ve heard called a “Quarter Life Crisis” that caused that move. The fear of not reaching my goals by the age of thirty had me terrified of what was coming next. I had forgotten my patience and lost my way, but I have managed to learn from it. Recently I’ve been looking at the big picture without sweating the small stuff again. Hence my lack of posts here and even recordings of The Hip-Hop Nerd. I’ve even been noticing my personal relationships suffering for it. This is a behavior that is new to me and I intend to return to the patient, detail oriented person I once was.

Two things have recently reminded me to slow down, take my time and pay attention to everything again. Small things of course. One was my first yoga class last week at Geaux Cycle. During the class, we were going over the steps of the Warrior Vinyasa and the instructor, Lotus, made us go over it much more slowly in later expressions. During that, I rediscovered the fact that taking one’s time equals more control, as it makes one pay more attention to what they are doing. Greater focus generally equals greater results, because the details aren’t overlooked. When you see a big hollywood movie that is overly criticized due to an abundance of plot holes, it’s usually because it was being rushed and the details weren’t given the attention they deserved.

The second thing occurred today. As I rode to my hair stylist, Sistah Safi’s house to have her do my younger sister Erika’s hair, Erika pointed at a cloud and said it looked like an E. It did, but I had completely forgotten that was even a thing! I love lying on my roof and looking at the stars in the night sky, but I can’t even say how long it’s been since I’ve looked at the clouds and made out shapes. My life has become so blurred by the rat race and the desire for success that I don’t even so much as the sky! As someone that loves nature as much as I do, it was a truly humbling experience. Of course my baby sister didn’t realize why I seemed so stunned, but it wasn’t her lesson to learn at the moment.

I have to slow down. I’m passing everything up in a rush, missing the sights and smells of all of the beauty that constantly surrounds me. The world is an amazing place and life is an amazing phenomenon. Every fertilized egg of every species contains enough potential to bring a tear to my eyes. I have been down on myself, but I now remember how precious life is. I won’t be distracted by the hardships anymore. I love life and I think I now prefer taking the scenic route through it.