Logging On


I was recently told that I have to be more active on social media and such. So I have done everything I can to be involved in as much as possible. Now any of you can reach me or simply see what I’m up to in as many places as possible. Here are all of the social networks I am currently on:






Twitter: @JTGloryJones

Instagram: @JTGloryJones

ask.fm: @TheRealGloryJones

Snapchat: @JTGloryJones

Vine: JTGloryJones

Periscope: JTGloryJones

Meerkat: JTGloryJones

And if you’re interested in less formal communication and just want to game with me you can find me online with the following handles. Trust me, I play a LOT of games and have interest in even more.

XBox Live: TheGloryHawk

Playstation Network: TheGloryHawk

Nintendo Network: DHP_Glory    3DS Friend Code: 1907-9498-1931

Battle.net: PrisonIroh

There you go. Let me know on any of them if you want to be a part of my promotion and marketing team or if you have any questions about anything pertaining to me or this site. I’m very open to questions, comments, concerns and requests. Thank you for your continued support.