Knowledge is Power, but Understanding is Unlimited

I am supposed to be blogging every week and I absolutely missed the entire month of April. Geekhaven Reviews has taken so much of my time lately. That’s not a complaint though. Simply a statement of truth. I began that endeavor just over two months ago and it has proven to be much more time consuming than I anticipated. The time spent on that commitment has taken away from this blog, but I think I can get back into my rhythm of doing both pretty soon. A lot of the shows I’m reviewing over there will be done for the season over the next couple of weeks, so I’lll have a little more time. Or maybe I won’t because the book is due around that same time. We’ll just have to wait and see. All I can do is promise that I will try my best.

I generally try to stay out of any political discussion at this point in life because they get out of hand so easily and I honestly don’t have time to waste. Hell, I can’t even keep up with this blog the way I want to! I certainly don’t have the energy to combat the miseducation of the masses. As much as I would like to abolish the ignorance of the world, I have to pace myself and try to settle for simply doing my part to educate future generations. That’s why I do what I do. It’s not so much for profit or even for the sake of entertainment or expression. Those are things I desire and they certainly contributing factors, but I do it for the benefit of the children. If I just wanted to make money I would write erotica, but this isn’t about that. I love the human race and the planet of my birth, therefore I do what I can to improve the harmony and longevity of both.

That being said, I now realize that I have dedicated myself to an EXCESSIVELY exhausting endeavor. Alliteration aside, I see that educating the human race is a feat of epic proportions. The ignorance is a deep rooted issue that becomes deeper every day. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue with conspiracy theorists, because it really does seem as though it’s by design. People seem to actively fight truth and avoid enlightenment. I suppose it’s part of the human condition to reject that which you don’t understand and even get angry when your truth is shattered. As most people know, once an argument escalates to a place of anger, then no one is listening and the point of it all is lost.

The solution to that particular problem is to understand that no truth is permanent. There are literally no undisputed truths in the world or even the known universe. All information is either incomplete or subject to change. The world was once flat, Earth was once the center of the universe, matter could not be created no destroyed, Bill Gates was once the richest man alive. All of those things have changed or been proven untrue. The same is true for literally everything you think you know. There is proof all around you that no one truly knows anything. Even those who have accepted religion as the absolute truth, have to accept numerous mysteries in order to get to to that point in their beliefs.

I’m not judging anyone for their thoughts or beliefs, I’m simply wondering why people can’t apply that religious sense of acceptance to everything. If life is the ultimate teacher, than many people are in grave danger of failing the class from talking over the lesson. Why do we fear that which is different when that which is different offers new knowledge and experience? Why do we teach ourselves to divide from each other so powerfully?

I had a Facebook debate (which seems to be what happens on there) with someone earlier tonight and it was very eye opening. I haven’t had an experience like that with anyone in a really long time. Of course, being myself, I tried to understand his side after he insulted a friend of mine. I made a comment that was completely unrelated to his, but relevant to my friend’s post and he felt the need to attack me. As it was obvious that he was in an emotional place of undeserved arrogance, I knew I should have left it alone, but there was something about his comment that kept tugging at me. I took the opportunity to attempt to build a bridge for this gentleman and see if he could understand something outside of himself.

We went back and forth for a little while. He made statements that were devoid of reasoning. I asked what he meant and why he thought that. He refused to answer my questions and just make more statements. At one point he placed me in a political category and said that because I was “liberal leaning” I would not try to hear both sides. That was the point where I realized it truly was going nowhere and he was undeserving of my energy. I mean this was a conversation where literally the only thing I was doing was asking him to explain his side so I could understand. There was even a moment where he said the downfall of this country was people sympathizing and being too politically correct! If he believes that, that’s fine. All I wanted was to understand why he felt that way. I feel that way about everyone: Believe what you want, but be able to explain why that’s what you believe. If not to someone else, at least be able to explain it to yourself. If you simply believe without understanding why, you may be a lost soul.

It bothered me a bit to see someone fail so massively at understanding, but shortly thereafter I had to let it go. Sometimes a closed mind will stay closed no matter what you do. In that case, the best you can do is wish that person the best and move on. Either life will teach them, or they will die in their box of ignorance, never having lived in the first place. I hate saying this because I love my fellow man, but in either case, it’s no longer your problem. I believe every person in the world is morally obligated to teach every other person in the world. The magnitude of the lesson is irrelevant as long as something is added to that person’s life. Then it is the burden of that person to accept the lesson or leave it where it is. Whether you believe it or not, everyone has something to teach.

Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is entropy. Knowledge is power, but understanding is unlimited. Understanding is harmony. Understanding brings progress. Try to understand and you will overcome. Understanding is the answer. Think for yourself and understand things to make informed decisions about your own life. Or don’t understand anything. I’ll understand if you don’t.

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  1. Love this! Whether people realize it or not, they are being taught lessons on a daily basis…they just have to pay attention. Seeing someone’s rise or fall should illustrate a better way to live our life and vice versa…

    Great post