The Hip-Hop Nerd 05/19/2016: Jessica Bordelon!


This week I have a sit-down with author, activist and artist, Jessica Bordelon. We discuss her endeavors and her book “How to Make a Modern Woman Act Like a Traditional Lady.” Sit back and enjoy this very fun and interesting episode.

Jessica Bordelon is an author, activist, and artist. She blends her art and activism into every creation, from stage plays, to poetry, and organizing events such as 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Currently studying at the University of New Orleans, Jessica continues to produce powerful poetry and spoken word that engages the audience and leaves every listener ready for more. Jessica is one of those artists who sees art and life as one: you cannot have one without the other.

Seeing family and love as a centerpiece to all she believes, Jessica decided to give men an insider’s guide to finding a great woman and keeping her happy. Her book “How to Make a Modern Woman Act Like a Traditional Lady” will catch your attention from the first line.

To hear some of Jessica’s work:

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Twitter: @airevolution