Getting Back On Track

I have to apologize to everyone out there. Not only have I not been posting as consistently as promised here, but I have been slacking over at Geekhaven as well. The site should’ve been launched by now and I should have much more content posted than I currently do. At the very least it shouldn’t be a blogspot anymore. Along with my very sincere and heartfelt apology, I’ll give a bit of an explanation:

The last couple of weeks have been insane. I have had several issues with pretty much every aspect of my life and every issue has caused more issues elsewhere. There have been a few complications with “Escape From Undermind” that could possibly lead to another delay in its release. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but I should know by next week. If everything goes as smoothly as my prayers recommend, we’ll be able to maintain the July 28th release date.

On top of that, I have had financial troubles and other problems with business dealings. Pretty much all of the money I make goes into other business endeavors and I find myself in something of a loop of discomfort. I trade recreation and affordable luxuries for the possibilities of future success. I very much believe that I can and will be successful if I continue to work hard and sacrifice. I write as often as possible and I do what I must. I pray that I will make it to see all of the recreation and luxury that I work so hard for.

That in turn has led to lapses in the potential for romantic life. I have disappointed people over the past few years. I used to think I had a fear of commitment, but I simply wasn’t ready. I don’t think I will be until I get to a comfortable place of working and writing to make a living. My books, Geekhaven Reviews and my other writing will sustain me someday. That is what I have faith in. When I get there I will have at least a measure of happiness, then I will be more capable of sharing that happiness with others. Love may become a possibility once that happens, but to be honest, I’ll be fine if it doesn’t. I don’t really see it as necessary for everyone. I might just be one of those people that are supposed to be without it. I know that for some, the reaction to such a comment is to gasp and feel sorry for me, but it’s seriously not a big deal to me. I am a generally happy person and working keeps a smile on my face.

To get back to the topic at hand though, I have been dealing with social, financial and business issues. My personal life has been kicking my a**! The biggest issue however, came from the universe in the form of a car accident. I was forced to slow down for a couple of days and the few things that came from that, including a new set of bills that come with purchasing a replacement vehicle, have been straining me. Everything is mostly winding down now, but I think I will continue to be a little slow on the output for Geekhaven in order to make sure everything gets put into place. I want to be launched this summer and I plan on making that happen even if I have to do everything myself. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, things are going to be picking up pace very soon. Again, I apologize for slacking off and I promise I will be bringing the intensity. Thank you for your patience.