Empathic Aptitude

There are some really interesting things that happen in the world. The things that’s the most interesting is the inability of such a large percentage of human beings to care. Something that bothers me a lot is the fact that we’ve been having animal species going extinct almost yearly, yet there is very little outcry or even general knowledge of it. I have only recently learned about the West African Black Rhino’s extinction and that happened about four years ago!

That actually makes me feel guilty and ashamed, because I consider myself to be a man of nature. I love everything about the Natural Order and every animal is vital to their ecosystem. The only time species go extinct is if it’s obsolete in the greater scheme of nature’s perfect design or from the intervention of man. So why don’t we care? This planet is our home right? I don’t mean to get all tree hugger and preachy, but there’s a huge folly to this human arrogance we have. What it all boils down to, is that we can’t exist without our planet and other species, so let’s treat them better.

To bring it a little closer home, there has been an immense amount of discrimination among the human race itself. There is so much hatred everywhere. I have a hard time even looking at Facebook lately. Everything just seems so full of negativity all the time. I won’t get too into any topic in particular, because all groups deserve equal treatment, but the news has been full of controversial topics lately. Why is it that these are the things people concern themselves with, when there are so many more things to be concerned about in the world? We give the media power and it is our support of them that allows them to continue forcing irrelevant things down our throats. People seem to forget that all forms of media would be powerless without an audience, so we beg for their scraps. Instead, let’s stop supporting the things that are harmful or just plain pointless and make the media earn the billions of dollars they get from us every year.

I’m not one for telling people what to do and I apologize for being so preachy today, but I’m really bothered by the state of human empathy at the moment. I love everyone and every living thing that exists and all I want is a better future for our planet. Can we just care and care for the right reasons? Can we sacrifice and do for others without the expectation of reward or profit? I promise it will feel good. Let’s just try to be smaller parts of a much larger whole. Let’s just be human. I know this is a lot to ask, because of the desire to get ahead in life, but let’s just try.