Geekhaven Reviews – Reviews for all things geek. I write here a lot!

Pure Fandom – Expert fans. Kickass content. I write here a lot too!

Dreamhome Books – Dreamhome Press is the fantastic publisher that has helped me get to where I am. – My beautiful and brilliant friend and mentor, Dr. Rebecca Housel. Check out her site and her wonderful blog in particular. #PopCultureProfessor

The Pumpkin Geek – My amazingly unique and talented friend Alex Wer, The Pumpkin Geek! Check out his outstanding work!

Genese Davis – An extremely talented author and personality! Check out her book “The Holder’s Dominion.”

Gentleman’s Anthology – The one stop shop for unleashing your inner gentleman. I love their beard products!

J. Rose Photography – One of my favorite photographers! Love his portrait work so much!

XOQuinntographer – Beautiful photography with a wide range of options. I’m a fan of their work!

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