Below are all of the books that are currently available by Jonathan Thomas Jones. Be sure to request them at your local books stores and purchase any as you please. Thank you for your continued support!


Escape from Undermind is the first book in the “Worlds of Wonder” series.

“Tim, Oliver, and Emilia are the top students at their school for the gifted. They have dedicated their entire lives to science and the rules of physics. Now they have been trapped in a world where the laws of physics don’t apply, and the only way home is to abandon logic and embrace what it means to be children. To make matters worse, something is looking for them, something that feeds on fear and wants nothing more than to keep them trapped forever.”

Will soon be available everywhere, but if you want an early copy now you can purchase at the publisher’s website:

FixerFrontCoverLittle Bot and the Fixer is the second book in the Little Bot Series.

The series is meant to teach children basic social skills and this one teaches children to share.

It can be purchase through various print to order markets online such asĀ

LBSTFrontCoverLittle Bot and the Story Box is not only the first of the Little Bot series, but the first published book by Jonathan Thomas Jones.

Little Bot teaches children basic social skills through his adventures in Doctor Robo’s Bot Shop. This book teaches children how to properly ask for things.

It can be purchased through various print-on-demand markets online such as

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