Been Too Long

I apologize for how long it has been since my last post. Ever since I began preparing for my move to California, I haven’t really had time. I’ve been in a better humor ever since, but at the same time I have been a big ball of stress due to the lack of any definitive progress. Perhaps if I had been chronicling things here like I should’ve been, this outlet may have helped. Since I didn’t though: I’ll do my best to catch you up. Strap in, because this is going to be a long one.

First came the drive to California. I’ve mentioned it on my podcast, but I don’t think I’ve really gotten into the real scope of it. I spent a good day and a half moving some of my things to storage and packing my car, because I own way too much. Then I finally took off. I was exhausted, so I stopped at right around seven hours in San Antonio, Texas and slept at a friend’s place (Thank you Minnie!). Then I took off again, bright and early, and pushed for about fifteen hours until I stopped at a hotel for rest in Phoenix, Arizona. After that it was only about five more hours to my destination in Anaheim. It doesn’t sound too bad, but sitting in the car for so long tends to make one’s imagination get away from them. Not to mention the hundreds of miles worth of desert landscape. Even mountains get boring after a while. Plus my canine companion was pretty miserable. She accepted her place riding shotgun, but she also insisted on riding on my lap for the majority of the ride.

Next came my arrival. I made it to my cousin’s apartment, where I am staying until I get situated, and unpacked the car, then I took a shower and hopped in her car to get dinner. Two blocks away, we get into an accident. Of course the whiplash was painful, as well as the shock to my knees, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony of driving safely for nearly two thousand miles, only to get in an accident almost immediately upon arrival. Then we had to get back as quickly as possible once the police were gone, so I could do my podcast, which is live on Thursdays.

Now we’re getting to the meat of it. Living in Southern California has been a considerable learning experience. The traffic is insane anywhere in the Los Angeles area and since I know literally nothing about the area, it has been exceedingly difficult to find a job. Then theres also the matter of my sleeping arrangement. I am not getting as many hour as I would prefer, but I am happy to have somewhere to be. I have come home for the holidays, but as soon as I get back I will redouble my efforts for employment and improve my situation.

So I just flew back home to visit for Christmas and the New Year. I couldn’t resist being away from my younger siblings for their favorite time of year, even though I had only been gone for three weeks. I have been met with nothing but love from all of my family and friends (whom I consider to be my second family) and it’s making the return trip that much more difficult. I even brought Valentine (my dog) with me. She behaved like an angel on the plane, even though it was her first time flying.

Since I have been home, it has been a nonstop run, just in constant movement as far as errands and social things. The only time I’ve slowed down is after receiving the tragic news that my ninety-year-old grandmother had passed away. I cried for the loss of her always pleasant presence, love and sage advice, but she had been sick for a while so I am happy that she is able to leave her suffering behind and join her husband. I apologize if this post has suddenly gotten a little dark, but I’m just simply recapping the goings on in my world. That being said, I am definitely a solo mourner, so I forced a bit of solitude.

I have extended my trip by a few days so hopefully I can see these people I love a little more before I go, but like I said, I will be grinding harder than ever when I get back to California. That being said, the Hip-Hop Nerd will be back on January 7th and I will be doing my best to get things in order and keep bringing everything I can to the world. As always, be good to each other and thank you for your continued love and support.