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Pic7Jonathan Thomas Jones was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to an educator mother and a biochemist father. It was the perfect mix of parentage and environment to create a science fiction writer. Having learned to read at the age of three he had been given J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by the age of ten. After reading those books he moved farther along into Orson Scott-Card’s “Enderverse,” as well as more classic literature like the works of Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. However, it was the gift of R.A. Salvatore’s “Sea of Swords” at age fourteen that influenced him the most.

It was at this time when he wrote his first short story, called “Avenging Degrinne.” It was never published but it was this story that brought him encouragement from his parents and teachers. He knew then that writing was his true calling and took his father’s advice to read any and everything he could get his hands on. After dabbling in several genres and writing short stories, poems, scripts and his first novel over the course of several years, he began to take writing more seriously. It eventually led him to writing “Escape From Undermind,” the first book in his “Worlds of Wonder” series.

When he and his brother moved away, his mother adopted his five younger siblings. It was the presence of these children that taught him the value of early childhood education and led him to the creation of “Little Bot and the Story Box,” his first children’s book. It was designed as a fun way to teach his siblings and children everywhere basic social skills. This book led to him being a presence in the New Orleans educational community.

He was a featured author for both the Headstart program and later, for the Orleans Parish School Board’s “Making History Come Alive” series. He has spoken at several elementary and high schools and read for groups of children all over the city. He was even acknowledged for an event called “Black History Moment in the Classroom,” where he received a certificate of proclamation from the New Orleans City Council.

He is a lover of speculative fiction with a deep and powerful voice that he enjoys using for reading to audiences. He still resides in his hometown with his dog, Valentine, and his turtle, Roshi.

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